You’re on a mission and you want to make a difference with the work you do.

  • You know who you want to reach with your product or service, but you’re not always hitting the mark with your communications or marketing efforts.

  • You understand that your story is important, but don’t know how to tell it with the greatest impact.

  • You need help simplifying and clarifying what you say, so your audience gets it and takes action.

And you don’t have the specialized communications resources (i.e. experts like me) available on your team to help you when you’re stuck.

That’s where I come in.

I’m the communications genie you wish you had.

I work with organizations and individuals like you, who are doing great work and want to amplify it with great communications.

I’m here to be of service and to make your life easier.

Passion Led Us Here
Here I am! Want to know 10 things about me?  Read on .

Here I am! Want to know 10 things about me? Read on.

I offer:

  • strategic communications and marketing

  • writing and editing

  • collaborative problem solving

  • innovative idea generation, and

  • insight workshop facilitation (using writing, vision boarding & other techniques).