Oh, and another thing: This is how I laugh. If you know me well, you will recognize my big guffaw!

Oh, and another thing: This is how I laugh. If you know me well, you will recognize my big guffaw!

10 things about me

  1. I remember dreaming in grade seven about having a tool that would allow me to send notes to everyone. That was before I heard of the Internet and email. As overwhelming as an overflowing inbox is, email was my introvert’s dream.

  2. I’m a middle child. What does this mean? It means I am great at mediating conflict, reading the energy of a room, wrestling remote controls, and seeing things from a variety of perspectives. It also means that I had some freedom to rebel as a teen sandwiched between my perfectionist sister and badass brother.

  3. Speaking of remote controls… I haven’t had a TV in over 25 years. I do have remote control, though, for my old- school radio / CD / tape player sound system, which I use every day.

  4. I hated group work as a kid. I used to finish my work faster than everyone else and was always impatient. It wasn’t until later that I learned the value of collaborative work, and how it makes for a better end product. Now, I love working with a team. (I had this same revelation as a runner and now love running with a team!)

  5. I don’t love writing by committee. It’s always best to have someone take a lead and write something, which other people can then review and edit. Sitting in a room and trying to wordsmith together can be a form of torture.

  6. I graduated at the top of my class winning many awards, but I took 14 years to finish my B.A. While I was meandering in post-secondary, I became a professional cook and baker, studied herbalism, became a lifeguard, taught ESL, became a registered massage therapist, studied creative writing and humanities, and had my first son.

  7. I graduated with a B.A. in communications and have worked in senior government communications roles for over 14 years.

  8. I’m a great fan of nature bathing—it’s my own blend of forest bathing and swimming in glorious mountain lakes and rivers where I live.

  9. I love radio. Documentary radio. Late night radio. Storytelling radio. And podcasts. Before podcasts were a thing, I listened to hundreds of hours of This American Life. My idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon is a long sunny dog walk listening to an uplifting podcast.

  10. I had a blog in 2004, which I started because I was curious about the democratization of content production online. Who knew how much the world of digital media would change. I wish I had kept my little experiment going.

  11. Actually, 11 things. I’m in love with a pizza man. My guy owns a pizza shop in the small town where we live. The best pizza on the menu: the Mykonos vegetarian with castelvetrano olives.