Kind words

I have known and worked with Melissa for over 10 years. From municipal government to private enterprise, Melissa always brings fresh ideas and insights to the table to solve problems and drive business success. She provides strategic communications and marketing, and exceptional writing and editing services with confidence and ease. As a skilled facilitator and creative collaborator, Melissa is a joy to work with. I would definitely hire her for all projects big or small.
— Nicolette Richer, CEO & Founder, Green Moustache; CEO Richer Health
I have hired my sister, Melissa Darou, for writing and editing services. She was invaluable in helping to shape my first e-book, providing feedback on my first online course, and advising on digital marketing strategy.

She is an avid researcher and is versatile, efficient, and highly skilled at the work she does. Melissa has an amazing way with words and brilliant insight and perspective. I highly recommend her!

— Dr. Shawna Darou, ND - Owner, Darou Wellness
Finally! Someone who can help my business achieve its full potential and who cares about its success as much as I do. Melissa knows how to create and refine strategies until they are laser focused, and she can create sticky content with lightening speed. It can be tough to be objective about your own material, or how it’s performing out in the market, but Melissa gets to the heart of what’s needed quickly and with grace.

— Randi Kruse, Ski Heaven solopreneur
Vision board revelation: I’ve been staring at the vision board at the end of my bed for months and wondering how to interpret it... until tonight I looked and about half of it jumped out into an awesome prophetic sequence that amazed me! I’ve been staring at the answer I chose all along.

Thank you so much for showing me how to read my own future in such a fun and creative way.
— Selene M., Whistler, BC